About the new coronavirus (covid-19)

Following the spread of the "new coronavirus" infection, we would like you to live a life of self-restraint for a prolonged period of time, while skillfully dissipating stress, enjoy a safe and enjoyable refreshment, enjoy an extraordinary experience, and regain your mental and physical vitality with our new hospitality that avoids the three concentrations.

In order to reduce the risk of infection and pursue a safe and refreshing healing space, the inn has taken the following measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Staff Health Care

Temperature and health checks before work begins.

Fill out the health care form.

Hand disinfection after washing hands. 

Thoroughly wear a mask.


The hall, dining room, and bathroom

Thoroughly ventilate the air by opening it periodically and replacing it to avoid trapped air

Tables in the cafeteria should be 2 meters apart and, if possible, one set per room.


Request to our customers

You or your companion may have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, or fatigue.

Please do not stay at the hotel if you have
When you check in, please take a temperature test, display your ID card, and check in at the time of check-in.

Please fill out the health checklist.

Please disinfect your hands after washing your hands.

Please wear a mask in public spaces.


Accommodation satellite enhancement, installation of alcohol disinfectant

We regularly sanitize the areas in the inn that come in contact with hands.

We have alcohol disinfectant solutions available in several places in the inn.

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